Interview with Ken Lang, a crime author of Walking Among the Dead

Ken Lang is a seasoned detective and true crime author. His book Walking Among the Dead is available in paperback and on Kindle. Keep up with him on Twitter @detkenlang.

Ken shares more about his faith and discusses police shows, why we kill, and his latest book. Read part one here.

Have you ever wanted to quit and find another line of work?

Yes… after 22 years of working as a police officer/detective, I must admit that the crime and violence have worn on me.

Recently, while recovering from a medical procedure that incapacitated me for 6 weeks, I got a taste of working from home.  During that time I was able to finish my first book and work on getting it published. I must say that I really enjoyed working from home and being with the family more.

On the other hand, I have reached 20 years of service with my current agency and am eligible to retire on a 50% retirement.  Considering I am only 43 years in age, I am looking to change directions in my career.  Perhaps when I finish my Master’s degree I will teach criminal justice courses in a college setting.  But with all the book ideas that I’ve come up with, I must confess that sitting on my deck and writing is awfully inviting. Continue reading “Interview with Ken Lang, a crime author of Walking Among the Dead”