Tromping up and down the mountain. Good to the last second

I’m back from tromping up mountains, every steep pitch, then down again, through hellebore covered slopes, slipping backward onto my butt more times than I care to remember, Fat hellebore leaves are a bitch to walk on especially when the slope is steep. Luckily there was enough snow and lateral moraines to keep things interesting.

Sometimes flowers like Valarian, Paintbrush Fleabane, Aster, Potentilla, Columbine and bog Orchids managed to push their way up between the hellebore leaves filling the meadows with color.

The hike leader packed two boxes of red wine for us all to enjoy thus our campfire conversations were lively and fun until my eyelids shut and I had to pry them open with my fingers so I could see through the gloaming, back to my tent. Yesterday, the third day, we came down the Red Mountain trail. I was reminded of all the skiing I have done there and all the skiing I have yet to do there. This slope is usually covered in snow not hellebores. Continue reading “Tromping up and down the mountain. Good to the last second”

What I Like about going on the Wine Route

After five days of walking, biking and driving the Okanagan wine route, tasting as much wine as we could before our taste buds gave out we knew we had had enough. In fact, now we are home and have unpacked and gloated over all the fabulous wine we just had to buy a bottle, or two or three of, I do not feel like drinking any of them. I’m thinking maybe a beer would be a nice change. I’m sure the feeling will pass.

I’m amazed at the extent my knowledge of wine and how much my taste buds and sense of smell has developed since I first did a wine tour in the Okanagan three years ago. We didn’t even feel guilty if after tasting all the wines on offer our discerning brains told us it was all crap and we didn’t need to buy any of it. It helps if you trust your first instinct, ignore the tasting notes and try to tune out what the sommelier is telling you. After tasting five different Chardonnays from five different wineries I determined I like a Chardonnay to be lightly oaked with a taste of fruit. Too much oak and the flavor of the grape is lost, this is true of red wines as well.

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Interview with Ken Lang, a crime author of Walking Among the Dead

Ken Lang is a seasoned detective and true crime author. His book Walking Among the Dead is available in paperback and on Kindle. Keep up with him on Twitter @detkenlang.

Ken shares more about his faith and discusses police shows, why we kill, and his latest book. Read part one here.

Have you ever wanted to quit and find another line of work?

Yes… after 22 years of working as a police officer/detective, I must admit that the crime and violence have worn on me.

Recently, while recovering from a medical procedure that incapacitated me for 6 weeks, I got a taste of working from home.  During that time I was able to finish my first book and work on getting it published. I must say that I really enjoyed working from home and being with the family more.

On the other hand, I have reached 20 years of service with my current agency and am eligible to retire on a 50% retirement.  Considering I am only 43 years in age, I am looking to change directions in my career.  Perhaps when I finish my Master’s degree I will teach criminal justice courses in a college setting.  But with all the book ideas that I’ve come up with, I must confess that sitting on my deck and writing is awfully inviting. Continue reading “Interview with Ken Lang, a crime author of Walking Among the Dead”