Next Time You Start to Hate on Yourself Based on Someone Else’s Success…

Remember we all have our own dragons to slay. What you see online is just a small peek into the big picture. We are all fighting some sort of battle, every day is NOT a good day, we are all human beings. But the next time you start to hate on yourself based on someone else’s success… think again. Don’t do things for someone else. Do it for YOU!

I am 100% guilty of only posting the good on Facebook – do you really think 500 of my closest friends and family members need to know that I am 5’7, weigh 135 pounds, and because of my upbringing I see myself as fat? Or that I will probably always feel that way no matter how much weight I lose or how strong and lean I get or how well (or bad) I can cope with the summer heat that’s been around for time?

How about the fact that I own a successful and thriving business, but I dress like a hobo because I am too insecure about my body to wear anything other than yoga pants and t-shirts.

I know I can run for miles and miles pretty darn fast for a newbie, I can lift a boatload of weights, I have the mental fortitude to get through any physical challenge that anyone can throw at me – but I hold on to so much guilt from things I’ve done in my past that I can’t even go home and visit my family without needing a week of mental recovery.

I’m slaying dragons on the daily, and I choose not to talk about it, because my blog has always been a celebration of good, my happy place to talk about fitness, loving life, being joyful.  If you were ever inclined to be jealous of me, I almost feel the need to apologize, because I haven’t always been 100% upfront about taking the good with the bad. So I promise to do more of that.  Because my life is more than trophies and trailblazing.

I guess what I’m Ultimately Trying to Say Here Is…

If I read your blog, it’s because I like YOU. I don’t care if Jane Doe down the street is running 6-minute miles after Boston Qualifying 3 months after starting running as a hobby. I don’t care if you think you’re fat. I don’t even care if you have giveaways or you are in the same ambassador programs as I am, or even if you feel compelled to comment on my blog NEVER.

I don’t care if you don’t follow the rules of blogging and your posts lack pictures or are full of selfies or all you do is go to work, go to the gym, and watch TV, and you’re happy with living like that. I’m like you. I don’t want you to be anybody else or write like anybody else, I dig your honesty and I will probably be back for more. Maybe I’m longing for the days that my children felt like going through a sunshine hangover some months back, but then again, I don’t want to be complaining just like anyone else seems to be doing.

But please, PLEASE, please… I am sincerely begging you… stop trying to be like everyone else. And not for me, even. Do it for YOU, and your mental well being. Do it because you have your own dragons to slay and your family and friends don’t care how round your butt is or if you want to eat pizza for breakfast every day for the next week.

You are capable of impressive feats, and it’s one thing to admire people who do amazing things with their lives and their bodies, but it’s another thing to try and follow a cookie-cutter template to get the same results and maybe it wouldn’t be that bad at all to try getting around without the Internet for a while. I guess for my kids, just like me, it would be hard but perhaps so meaningful to discover other values again…

My next step from here on out is getting back to my roots. Being more upfront about things. Not striving for a perfect body or a perfect stride, or a perfect blog where everyone agrees with me all the time and there are only right answers. My next step is spreading my wings and celebrating me, imperfections and all… I apologize for the tirade, the BOLD, the loud flashy headings, but I definitely am happy to get this off my chest.