Going Through A Sunshine Hangover

I swear, my children must be going through a sunshine hangover right now. Yes! The sun was shining this weekend. It was beautiful. So the kids enjoyed playing outside in our backyard, swimming, having their fingernails and toenails painted bright spring blue, and getting all dressed up for a special birthday dinner for grandma, in sundresses and sandals.

That was just Saturday, but the entire weekend was filled with fun. Here’s a video that pretty well pictures what this winter was all about, though we’ve had some worse days:

It’s been a long time since Faith and Abby have been able to just let loose and run free in the sun. Don’t worry, I’m not forcing them to stay indoors tucked away in a closet under the stairs like Harry Potter.

Quite the contrary actually. My kids tend to bounce off the walls so much, all filled with energy, that I often wish I could send them outside to play just so I can have a moment of peace. But the weather has not been cooperating at all since….oh, I don’t know….I guess since November.

It’s becoming apparent to me, that as much as I love living in Western PA, the very sad reality is that the sun doesn’t really shine all that often where we live. I think I heard someone say it’s like 56 days a year {on average} that the sun actually shines in this area. Coming from Southern California, that’s a tough nut to swallow.

My weather complaints aside though, there was something very exciting, at least for me, that we did do this weekend, which I haven’t mentioned yet. Gardening! For Easter, my girls both got their own cute little kid gardening bags with plastic shovels and rakes a few weeks ago. Since then, they’ve been so excited to use their new tools and I’ve been very excited to make an attempt at growing my own tomato plants. I still remember our great warm autumn days of last year and I hope this year will give us more of the same.

This will probably shock you a bit…or if you know me really well…it won’t, but I’ve never grown a vegetable on my own before. And I decided to start with tomatoes because I love eating them fresh, sliced up with some cottage cheese and a little seasoning. Anyway, I also purchased some flowers for the girls to plant and care for throughout the summer and maybe its time to live without all our online gadgets for a while, who knows…

Well, we finally got our chance to put our new tools and soil to use. Our Dorothy Days of winter have gone, what a relief. The girls thoroughly enjoyed putting their green thumbs to work and I was impressed at how great they were at participating and keeping their attention focused on our gardening fun.

Of course, they are sisters so we couldn’t have fun without the obligatory “shovel fight” over the soil from the bag. I probably should have had a separate bag for each of them to pull from. After an hour or so, we ran out of soil, energy, and time so our gardening work isn’t totally complete yet. But we’ll get there no doubt as we all believe in this sort of great gardening projects. Succeeding is believing and, again, the kids LOVE it.

But we had so much fun getting started and I especially enjoyed having quality time to spend with my daughters. This will definitely become a spring tradition for our family going forward. It’s spring now, so I can get myself, fortunately, a bit more active in one of MY favorite hobbies, running!

Now if we can just keep Captain Jumps-A-Lot and his hoppy family out of the tomato plants. I’ve always loved our bunny family living in the trees around our yard, but suddenly I’ve become “mama bear” wanting to protect my tomato plants! Really though, I do think sunshine hangovers exist.  For all people, but mostly for children.

After a fun-filled weekend, Abby was up every hour through the night last night with an upset tummy. Oddly she was vomiting clear mucous and nothing else. Today she seems better, although very tired. This may give me the opportunity to read a bit more again. Spring is such a busy time that I hardly get to read my favorite books

Faith had a few classic exhaustion related behavior issues between yesterday and this morning. I fully expect to see this continue when she arrives home from school today. She’s very tired. That’s our fault for not getting her into bed early enough all weekend.

When the sun is out and the days are longer, it’s so easy to lose track of time, isn’t it? I’m really looking forward to the end of the school year and even MORE sunshine. I’ll just need to be sure I have plenty of popsicles on hand to cure the sunshine hangover in all of us.