Black Friday Dilemma, Shopping deals for runners

Today is Black Friday but it is also Buy Nothing Day, however, one should be prepared for the other 364 days when you can spend, without worrying about your conscience, therefore I present to you The Ars Technica Holiday Gift Guide.

This year they’ve conveniently divided it up into sections. Under the kitchen section, for example, the first item is an Impressa E Espresso Machine, made by Jura-Capresso that will set you back an astonishing $899 although, when it comes to the coffee fiend who shares your bed you should spare no expense.

Moving along the next section to catch my eye was the fitness section.

The first item on the list is the Gramin forerunner 310 GPS. It’s a special gadget made for runners. You strap it to your wrist like a watch. If you are a runner and feel the need for something to track how far, how fast and at what pace you are running you want this. It also comes with a heart rate monitor you strap around your chest so it can send data wirelessly to the GPS. The cheapest place to get this is at or .com. For a cool $169.95 CAD you are saving $80 -$100 over the competition. Mine arrived in the mail two days ago. I will post a review in another week or two once I get on to it.

Next up is the Spibelt running belt. At an affordable $21.95 it would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite runner.

The belt is also the same price as the Road id, a bracelet, engraved with your name, address, and phone number, that you attach to your wrist. In the event you get run over by a car or slip and bonk your head while running, this will let the paramedics know whom to contact. You shouldn’t depend on your technological device to provide all your details since it could get broken in your fall.

For the price you should get the belt, just throw in your drivers license. The pocket expands to accommodate your iPod, car key, lip balm or other small items you deem necessary to take on your run.

Under the iPhone section, RunKeeper is listed as being the iPhone app of choice for those fanatical runners on your shopping list. It takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS to map your run much like the Garmin does. The app costs $10 for the pro version. While it sounds cool I’m a little worried about how much it would actually cost since the iPhone has to dial through the phone line to connect to the satellite and with my runs lasting 1.5 hours or more I can see the dollar signs piling up behind my eyeballs.

I’ve thought long and hard about what gear to get for running. Apart from buying good quality shoes and replacing them when they wear out these 3 items are extra things I want.

Update: If you are buying the Spibelt go to this coupon page to save! Use US15 to get 15 % off and Ship 09 to get free shipping, even to Canada.