Tromping up and down the mountain. Good to the last second

I’m back from tromping up mountains, every steep pitch, then down again, through hellebore covered slopes, slipping backward onto my butt more times than I care to remember, Fat hellebore leaves are a bitch to walk on especially when the slope is steep. Luckily there was enough snow and lateral moraines to keep things interesting.

Sometimes flowers like Valarian, Paintbrush Fleabane, Aster, Potentilla, Columbine and bog Orchids managed to push their way up between the hellebore leaves filling the meadows with color.

The hike leader packed two boxes of red wine for us all to enjoy thus our campfire conversations were lively and fun until my eyelids shut and I had to pry them open with my fingers so I could see through the gloaming, back to my tent. Yesterday, the third day, we came down the Red Mountain trail. I was reminded of all the skiing I have done there and all the skiing I have yet to do there. This slope is usually covered in snow not hellebores.

Red sky at night sailors delight red sky in the morning sailors warning.

Last night I was at a goodbye party for a friend. There were a few people I didn’t know so I lost no time in chatting them up to find out all about them. Of course, they wanted to know all about me but I’m reluctant to tell strangers much about me, except on my blog. I should have given them my URL, said, there it is and that’s all your getting.

Yesterday I also talked to Gary about gravel. An area in front of the house, I meant to seed with clover has not been done. Everyone always drives their cars up here so we may as well gravel it. Now the road bans are off its time to get some gravel.

I should have known, last night when I was snapping photos of that gorgeous sunset, that it would be raining today. How like a sailor to get his adage wrong.

I’ve already done three things on my todo list, the rest of the list involves cleaning and packing. Cleaning because we’re having longtime friends over to supper, I need to cook as well, and packing because I’m going backpacking this weekend, for 3 days. The weather promises sun and hot temperatures, 23 degrees Celsius. Hey, its a lot warmer than minus 23 degrees Celsius. There will be no newcomers just diehard gazelles so I intend to enjoy every last second of this trip.