Interview with the author Ken Lang

Ken Lang is a seasoned detective and true crime author. His book Walking Among the Dead is available in paperback and on Kindle. Here is the second part of the interview with Ken Lang.

How did you become a homicide detective?

Actually, upon joining the police department, my aspiration was to become a homicide detective.  After cutting my teeth in patrol, I applied to become a precinct level detective, investigating crimes that did not fall under a specialized unit.  With my sights set on working murders, I knew I would need to work at headquarters in order to gain the exposure and experience to even be considered for such a unit.  Having completed two years of detective work at the precinct level, I applied to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and was selected to work Sex Crimes.  I worked in that unit for 3 years before moving over to the Robbery Unit that is responsible for investigating commercial robberies.  Commercial robberies often have a tendency to turn violent (i.e. victim is stabbed or shot), so I was selected to attend the Francis Lee Glessner School at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner; a required training school for homicide detectives in our agency.  Just a few years after completing this school, several positions became available in the Homicide Unit.  I applied and was selected. Continue reading “Interview with the author Ken Lang”